Economic analysis of developers and their countries requiring attention from an investment standpoint is aimed at identifying investment opportunities as they arise at any moment throughout the world. We are thus able to direct and introduce our clients to sound and secure investments almost anywhere and with practically no limits as to the complexity of the solutions.

Our investment analysis is a continuous process. A strategy committee first establishes global investment parameters. The investment committee then makes an in depth study of the latest economic and financial events to identify investment sectors. The investment committee's conclusions will define our position on yield and benefit rates in different countries. Banks and Investments, which are completely guaranteed, are immediately distributed to all our representative offices and branch offices for the benefit of institutional and private investors.

Carlyle Coutts Capital Corporation S.A. conducts macro-economic analysis and then selects countries and currencies. The selection is further narrowed by fundamental analysis to identify the most attractive maturities, profit, benefit, Secured Investment Portfolios, Private Placement Portfolios and issuers for fixed-income investments, while preferred companies are selected for equity investments with a view to obtaining superior returns.

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